About Moulin Rouge®

Since its creation in 1889, the Moulin Rouge® has endeavoured to develop a performance concept, a distinctive imagery and a singular universe that are today recognised worldwide, ensuring its success both in France and abroad. It benefits, in addition to its trademark rights, from a whole range of rights over these elements. Moulin Rouge is neither a monument nor a public building.

The “MOULIN ROUGE” trademarks are held and operated by the company Moulin Rouge SA and the company Bal du Moulin Rouge SA. These companies also own rights to the visual elements of the Moulin Rouge, which include its façade composed of the world- famous red windmill.

Keen to protect its image and reputation at the heart of its success, and generally, its private rights, our companies are highly attentive to all references made to the Moulin Rouge establishment and the unauthorised use of the elements constitutive of its universe.

For instance (non-exhaustive list), it is forbidden to use the following elements for commercial purposes without prior authorisation expressly granted by our companies: the words “MOULIN ROUGE”, the registered logos, any pictorial representation of the façade including the windmill of a red colour, any element constitutive of the show (costumes, decors, music tracks, choreographies, etc.).

Any individual or legal entity that does not respect these rights shall be prosecuted before the competent courts.

Any person wishing to inform us of a possible infringement of our private rights can contact us at the following address: marque@moulinrouge.fr.